Case Types


1.  Personal Injury and Wrongful Death have always been the primary source of income and clients at Bailey Law Firm.  I have assisted injured people in their recovery for nearly thirty years.  It is one of our greatest joys to assist in your recovery.  In the process we have seen our clients dignity restored and recovery of hope.  Personal Injuries caused by auto accidents and many other claims generally are built on two primary issues of consideration.  The first is Liability.  Is the party “at fault”, who caused the event, the cause of your injuries?  Second what is the amount of damages for those actions causing you?  Damages may be in the form of pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, caregivers, or travel expense.  Our goal is to maximize your recovery.

2.  Some of our best clients come to us as injured workers.  Many good people are injured on the job at no fault of their own.  Workers Compensation laws prevent civil lawsuits, but allow coverage on the job to workers regardless of fault, through administrative law processes.  We represent all types of workers.  Those working in connection with Ships, boats, and barges on navigable waters are covered by Federal Workers Compensation Acts.  Others may be covered by State Workers Compensation Coverage.  Others may be injured on the job and by Third Parties Negligence.  We enjoy assisting all our workers in their recovery.



3.  Business Formation, new incorporations, LLC, and ventures are at the very core of our economic security.  With qualifications as an Attorney and CPA various aspects of business activity, formation, minutes, negotiations, taxation, and counsel comprise areas of our interest and allow us to provide a professional partner for the needs of small business owners.  I have served in the formation of over 100 entities organizing their small business.  I hope to assist you in your endeavor to secure the source of your income.